I vini della Tenuta la Massa incontrano i piatti di Vito Mollica

GiorgioPrimo, Carla6 and LaMassa meet Vito Mollica’s dishes

  An exciting day, full of taste and beauty, in a truly magical place. It is the beginning of June, summer is already upon us and a great sun is shining in the wonderfulGiardino della Gherardesca of the FourSeasons Florence. The protagonists…
Tenuta la Massa

Giorgio Primo 2007-2018
and Carla 6 2011-2016

  An unforgettable evening. . For the first time, we were able to analyse all the vintage wines that resulted from the great friendship between Giampaolo and Stephane Derenouncourt. These were the first ten years of a wonderful partnership,…
Giampaolo Motta nella vigna della Tenuta la Massa


  Planting after the harvest is fundamental for the future regeneration of our soils in order to give them more structure and complexity. Giampaolo meticulously inspects the state and the composition of each single particle of soil to…
Olive della Tenuta la Massa


    It is with immense pleasure that we present to you our first production of bottled extra virgin olive oil. A small quantity of olives rigorously cold-pressed in one day, managed with care and attention, have allowed to produce…