Giorgio Primo 2008

The “Grand Vin” born from the great passion for Bordeaux vines. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot, carefully selected and coming from single parcels of clayey and shale soils strongly rich in stone. It represents the highest territorial expression of the company.

50% Merlot

45% Cabernet Sauvignon

5% Petit Verdot

The 2008 season was characterized by a cool and rainy winter that did not create obstacles to the regular budding of the vines. The spring rains that followed delayed the fruit setting resulting in a natural reduction of the production of the plants. Subsequently the lack of rain until the first 10 days of September led to a regular ripening of the grapes and thanks to optimum temperature ranges, exceptional aromas were obtained.

The 2008 vintage produced around 16,000 bottles of 750 ml.

The extraordinary quality of the grape of the 2008 vintage also allowed for a different approach to the fermentation process, permitting us to implement cold maceration pre fermentation which heighten the fruit and the polyphenolic richness of the grapes. The successive drawing off directly from the vats to new French Oak barriques is followed by an 18 month maturation period during which continual sensory tastings and analysis are performed to evaluate the evolution of the wines.

The entire production was bottled in one session in the beginning of July 2010.

Vino Giorgio Primo della Tenuta La Massa